The start

​So I’ve learned something. I don’t know if I learned it yesterday or today or fucking last week but today I know, it’s okay to be completely and utterly disgusted with a love you once held closer than yourself. It’s okay to see the flaws in your heart and the weariness in your steps. To fight for something everyday and then wake up the next and not want to fight anymore. It’s okay to change, from one second to the next- you don’t owe anyone anything. What’s not okay is to hide. From yourself, your truth, your heart. Because those things don’t go away, those things don’t abandon. One thing you’ll always be stuck with is the depths of your soul and the things that have brought you there. What you can’t avoid is your pain, your strength and your lessons. I’ve learned that no matter how much I think I’ve learned something, until I dissect every level of the lesson itself, I’ve barely even scratched the surface. Maybe tomorrow I’ll look back thinking I didn’t really know shit the day before but that’s something I look forward to. Growth. Upwards and onwards. Forward, always.

Selfportrait on 35mm film


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