No Need

Putting the limits on myself.
Not to give too much before the worth is proven.
Not everyone is worth it. Truly very few are.
Not sticking around out of obligation.
Not hiding yourself out of jealousy or fear.

I could easily feel overwhelmed as well as stagnant with the mindset that is forming but I am far from that.
I’m breathing in calm and breathing out love- I got this.

It’s okay to like someone even after you learn their true colors.
It’s okay to feel that hurt even before you know what’s coming.

I was born with intuition woven into my soul, my blood, my gut.
I feel it before I see it. Before I hear it, I know it’s there.

You don’t have to wait for something to transpire to walk away.
You owe no one anything.

Have the strength for yourself.
You don’t carry as much weight on other people’s emotions as you may think- so free yourself.

I’m content in the fact that I’m not finding any romantic connections as of late.
Sure at first, but shit passes quicker than an afternoon rain. Up then down. Hot then cold.

Sex for me isn’t the same without love. Sure at first, but shit doesn’t last.
My passion comes with consistency and depth. Deeper each time. Stronger with every step.

Some people get scared too easily. Maybe they lose interest too easily. Maybe they hold themselves back.
Either way- it’s obvious and it’s felt before it’s seen.

I’m losing track of the amount of people who have lost my attention.
The front you wear is more appealing than you. Guess we can’t all win.

I don’t understand people who have never been in love. How in the hell?
Love is the fuel behind every experience I have ever felt, ever been.

People who can’t give themselves because they’re afraid of themselves.
How do you live? Or do you just survive?

I can’t imagine a world without a fiery love and the soothing of pain.
It’s hand in hand. Love is grand but it can really hurt- not just at the end.

I can’t comprehend someone who wants to be in my life but doesn’t read my blog.
You want my body but not my mind- you do not fool me. Not anymore.

I won’t get mad at the ghosting tendencies of so many in my age bracket.
Go ahead. Disappear. You’re not needed here. But when you’re gone- stay that way.

I don’t do the flip flop. Get out and stay out.
Wanna be friends? Learn how to be a good one.

I’ve got strength measured in the humans who share love with me.

So just remember, I don’t need this.
No need for guilt on this one. You go your way, I’ll stay going mine.

Death on 35mm film


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