Misplaced & Dismissed

Where did the idea of protecting our rapists before the raped come from?

Who formed the thought that it’s the job of a woman scorned and burned to educate others of the evils within a man- to speak out so “no one else gets hurt”. These women aren’t the saviors- they are the survivors. They don’t owe anyone anything. They don’t have to speak out and there is no shame or blame to be had if they choose not to. They aren’t endangering the lives of others by keeping their story to themselves. Who is endangering the lives of others is the evil humans who do these unimaginable acts. The one’s protected by laws and money. The men who have no shame in their actions- who see no wrong in their force.

It is not the job of a woman to look out for a man- though we are taught everyday to be alert- aware- on guard in case of attack. In case a man comes along that can not control his urges, his mind. We are taught that we are weaker than men, yet we are solely responsible for our own protection against them. We teach women to cover up instead of teaching men to respect bodies- life- love.

Women are not responsible for educating anyone on the evils of another. Women are responsible for their own survival and protection- who else will do it? The only one’s who can protect others from evil are the evil doers themselves. When will we begin to teach good upon evil instead of showing evil upon the good? When will we teach kindness onto men instead of defense onto women? When will we coexist fully and truly? Without expectation of what should be done and what is done. What should be does not exist. We have what is and that is all. When will we begin fighting for that?

Telling a woman to speak out in order to protect others is misplaced blame from the rapist to the raped. Telling a woman to speak out so she can protect others is a dismissal of her own truth. Her own trauma. Her story. She’s is not here to protect. She is here to survive. To fight. To live. Instead of telling women to speak out, to cover up, to be aware- why don’t we teach men not to rape. Not to take. Not to force.

When will this balance come. When will the protection of women be seen as a worldwide goal instead of something reserved solely for the women who have been cut and sewn. The responsibility of the ones who have seen evil. Who have felt evil. Bled evil.


A woman of true strength & power on 35mm film


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