Another year, we are still here.

Clarity in my days that continue to the next. Strength in my nights that never seem to end. My memories with no boundaries, only growth; they fuel me. Just as you do, all of you. You who reaches out with words like, “I feel this more than you could ever know.” Words that say, “Thank you and I love you.”

My nights that turn to mornings, moon to sun. Still here, eyes open & heart soaring. The let go of any envy piled throughout the day, all fear and fight that I gained- I release. I release because my nights are for flying and I can’t carry this weight in my clouds.

Sleep is both my cure & curse. Curing my mind of thoughts, cursing my mind to never want to leave. I stay up late to prevent my curse which also prevents my cure. Two wrongs making something. Something between numb and zealous.

Someone come at me with something that surpasses more than it matches. Surprising instead of expecting. I need to take my head out of the internet and put it back in the trees. Flooding with chirps of life and worms from dirt. I want spider webs in my face and dirt under my nails. Sweat in my crevices and grit in my teeth. Mother nature is the only real cure. She is the only thing that will bring us back.

I hope to push myself further than I have. To fight harder than I could imagine. This is my goal for now and for what’s to come. I am breathing deeply only to inhale hope and exhale doubts. My doubts of others, my doubts of myself. My fears that what I give could not make it back around.

I believe in me and I believe in you. I believe in Her and what She will always fight to bring us. I believe in the strength that we have to replinish everything that we need, everything that we believe and everything that we fight for.

All i have is love to give. Everything else, I just have to release.

Deep breaths. In, then out.


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